What Do You Really Need from Professional Financial Advice?

Overcome the Uncertainty

Like other investors, you may often feel unsure about what you want from professional advice. Some investors express a desire for greater stability. Others seek assurances about meeting their life goals, and many are just looking for a second opinion. If this describes one of your motivations, we hope that you will consider contacting VanGieson for our expertise in financial industry knowledge, leading-edge investment strategies and investment management solutions.

Because we want you to feel comfortable with us, please explore below our disciplined approach to investing and its process to help you achieve your life goals.

A Word about Diversification

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. We’re not certain of the origin of this piece of advice but it could not be more appropriate for managing your investments. It basically says you should not concentrate all your effort and resources in one area as you could suffer a significant loss. Another way to say this is diversification. At VanGieson, we are steadfast in our commitment to this concept when it comes to managing your investments. Few things will set you back quicker than market timing and over-concentration in a single asset class.

Our Investment Philosophy

  • Asset Allocation

    Research shows that this important first step accounts for the majority of the variation in a portfolio’s return. Working with VanGieson, we allocate holdings among the broad asset classes such as stocks, bonds and cash that you can live with long-term and has the potential to meet your objectives.

  • Portfolio Construction Levels

    We believe that diversification within the broad asset classes can increase the stability of the portfolio. We employ multiple levels of asset diversification, designed to optimize return while managing risk.

  • Professional Management

    Often an investor lacks the time, expertise or the inclination to manage the portfolio. In these situations, the investor should consider utilizing professional money managers.  These managers are given specific asset management assignments. Managers are monitored carefully and changed when necessary to enhance consistency and potentially lower volatility.

  • Tax Management

    Smart investing includes techniques to help you keep more of what you’ve earned. If not managed carefully, taxes can greatly reduce your after-tax return.

    However, it is essential to recognize that an economic return is of primary importance and income tax considerations are not the major determinant in investment decisions.

  • Continuous Portfolio Management

    Market movements can cause asset allocations to change from their targeted positions.  A regular rebalancing of the asset mix will keep the portfolio on the right course.  A portfolio should also be adjusted depending on whether the economy is in expansion or recovery, under stress or contraction.

You can build a powerful portfolio with VanGieson.

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